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Logo Designer Jose pelaez winona MN
Hi, I'm Jose Pelaez, graphic and website designer, owner of Peláez Creative LLC.

I help build and reinforce brands by combining typography, photography, videos, illustrations, colors and design expertise into advertising & marketing pieces that build consumer loyalty and trust. I can also help with Marketing and Social Media Consulting, Commercial Photography and Video Production, Software and App development through my network of local talent.

Did you know a company’s brand identity starts with a great logo which then expands to every aspect of the business?

A great logo along with a great website are basic requirements in today's market for any business to build a memorable brand. You need to think of branding as an investment. When it comes to building a brand for your business graphic design plays a crucial part, it targets your audience in a way that is functional, attractive, and professional. Good graphic design is the only way to build an initial impression and consumer trust.

Reasons to invest in graphic design

Enhances brand recognition and establishes company name
Conveys brand message of credibility and professionalism
Improves communication and enhance sales

Reasons to work with graphic designer José A. Peláez

Award-winning designer with 15+ years of experience in graphics and web design
Work directly with the top creative responsible for 100% of the portfolio you see on this website
The fastest project turnaround times without sacrificing quality of work
Exceptional Value – Don't pay agency rates, great savings made through low overhead

Send me an email, consultations and estimates are free of charge.
Looking forward to learning about you and your business!

Jose Pelaez
Pelaez Creative LLC


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